Exercise 4 – The Role of the Professional

With the rapid rise of popular culture using social media a new media landscape has been created in such a short space of time. The professional media producers have been forced into rethinking how they produce and disseminate their own digital media. The traditional media of old worked in a linear fashion, ie, from the top down. The huge film production companies in Hollywood worked in a hierarchical format from the studio and producer to the distributors to exhibitors. This is no longer the case due to the increasing blurred lines between the professional and the amateur that have inadvertently evolved in such a short space of time. The professional media companies can no longer talk down to the consumer. They have had to adapt to the changing landscape and engage with the consumer almost like a partner. So how do the media companies use social media in this engagement.


The media producers now interact with fans via twitter, Facebook, blogs and even get the fans involved in crowd sourcing. One example of this is the recent phenomenon of an American TV series called Veronica Mars. The TV series proved so popular that the company decided to involve the enormous fan base to be involved in the making of a film version – with various incentives to donate money. Not only was this a great success but another web spin was developed as well. The professional is now engaging with the consumer audience like never before. The marketeers are connecting the TV with social media and mobile phones.

Websites like IMDB data base are using social media for critics to comment on the entertainment industry with adverts linking to other related shows. Large production companies like Netflix use tagging systems for recommended viewing. The transmedia is consumed in a transnational context. The cinephile is no longer associated with the privileged and high culture of the few in the cine clubs of the 1920’s but now shown in the on various screen sizes – everywhere.















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