Flickering Ireland – Directed by Michael Hussey.

Logline: Ireland through the lens of the non-professional filmmakers

Flickering Ireland gives a unique perspective on Ireland’s social history through the lens of the non-professional filmmakers. The astonishing range of amateur films present hidden treasures and gives an intimate portrait of ourselves in a changing world. The non-professional filmmakers whose work – or play – is fascinating and valuable precisely because they were amateurs. The film features all female contributors who recall their personal memories and stories and narrate the film from start to finish. Some of the footage has never been seen before including a wonderful carnival fancy dress parade filmed by female filmmaker, Queeny MacDonald, affectionately known as “Aunt Queeny”. Also featured are archive films from the early part of the 20th century by Irish film pioneers, the Horgan Brothers, from Youghal, Co Cork. Thankfully these films were preserved by individuals and hobbyists to tell the history of modern Ireland.

Contributors include: Patricia Whyte, Sal Tivy Perk and Stella Perk
Directed by Michael Hussey. Camera by Ruadhan Jones. Colour Grading by Casey Hynes. Music: ‘Inisheer’ by Thomas Walsh.
Made at UCC Film and Screen Department and on location.

Flickering Ireland by Michael Charles Hussey

Director’s Showreel

Demo Reel

Sound Affect – Directed by Michael Hussey

A short documentary film on how music can help the creative mind by using existing knowledge and generating new knowledge. The film explores how sounds and music have such an enormous impact on our thinking and the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experiences and the senses. Contributors recall how music shaped and formed their lives from the earliest stages of childhood right through to near death experiences later in life. The film incorporates lots of visual images to compliment the narrative of the speakers. Directed by Michael Hussey and Antoine Thomas. Camera by Colin Prun. Sound by David Walsh and Colin Prun.

UCC Film Essay by Michael Hussey

Youghal C.Y.M.S. – Celebrating 30 years on the road to the Munster Snooker Championships in Killarney. Interviews with some of the key players talking about the great times on the road to Killarney and the famous win of the coveted snooker trophy. Contributors include Brendan Cooney, Frank Irwin, Connie O’Sullivan, Ray Phelan, Derek Aherne, Joe Yellop, Conor Kennedy, Adam Bulman and Steven Kelly. Interviewer – Derek Kiely. Narration – Christopher Cooney. Directed by Michael Hussey.

Youghal C.Y.M.S. – Celebrating 30 years at the Munster Snooker Championships

Cork City Raw Footage by Michael Hussey

A short poem about life in the film industry written by American actress and poet Gina Demo. Filmed on location at Youghal Beach, Co.Cork. Gina’s father, Henry Nemo, was sometimes referred to as the “creator of jive”. Henry Nemo teamed with numerous music industry music celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Mildred Bailey and Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw, who recorded his song Don’t Take Your Love from Me.

Gina Nemo reading “Confession of a pissed off starlet”

Directed by Michael Hussey